The story so far

“Voice Coming” the project Summer 2023

Panayotis was born in Athens, Greece.  He has been singing, performing, producing and participating in projects all over Greece, Europe, the US and China. A classically trained vocalist (bass) he holds a B.A. in Music from the American College of Greece (Deree College), and a Diploma in Classical Singing from Attikon Odeion (a student of Dimitris Dion-Aryvas and Maria Skarlatou). Ηe was also honored with a Fulbright Scholarship and studied at The Longy School of Music in Cambridge (Boston,USA), from which he received his Master’s degree in Vocal Performance under the tutoring of Robert Honeysucker.

A versatile vocalist (bass) and performer, he is known for his ability to perform different styles of music within the appropriate approach and style. A classically trained singer he has had the chance to perform in Operas and Opera galas, Oratorios and Lieder recitals but he truly established his inner artistic voice when he included in his repertoire songs of non-classical repertoire such as Jazz standards, Chansons, Greek Folk Ballads and Afro-American Spirituals, experimental music and new compositions, as an interpreter who respects the roots of each song and who transubstantiates his life experience into music.

He has performed in greek, english, italian, german, spanish, french, russian, czech, and japanese in Europe, US and China in theatrical and musical productions and has given solo recitals.

Known for his love and respect for the music of his homeland he has given recitals with Greek music and poetry with great success. Among many stand “My Hellenic Soul” (2004;) “Immortality- Greek Songs with the poetry of Nikos Gatsos” which was hosted by the American Repertory Theater. (A.R.T. – 2006); “Graecia Magna” Tour I,II & III (2005-8); “Far Away Land” (2010). In June 2010 he was the lead singer of “The Echo of Living Myth” performance by the Dance Theater Company “Roes” which took the form of dance theatre with music, parallel dramatic action and the intervention of ancient text in The World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, China.

In 2005 he co-founded “Ensemble Trident” which dealt mainly with Byzantine Hymns and Greek traditional songs in programs that have his signature concerning the vocal arrangements and direction; they toured in several U.S. and also participated in the highly acknowledged “Society for Historically Informed Performance” Festival   -till 2008 that the project was completed-, and have been accepted by the audiences with great enthusiasm. Moreover, Greek Orthodox Churches in The New England area opened, for the first time in their history, their doors to host this special project that toured successfully for three years honoring Panayotis Terzakis’ efforts in the best way. Since then Panayotis is touring a soloist  bringing Hellenic projects to the audiences outside of Greece in order for them to be introduced to the richness and diversity of the Greek musical world and poetry. His highly acclaimed first album “Far Away Land- songs from Greece” (PT9969- September 01, 2009) was a result of these appearances.

Besides the Greek repertoire, appearances in the US also include recitals and productions of Gospel & Spirituals, Art Songs, Opera & Classical Repertoire in venues such as The Jarvis Theater in Napa, CA; the Sol Fest Opera in Key West, FL, 2004 & 2007; The Pickman Hall in Boston; T. Eliot Library (Harvard University); M.I.T. Chapel; Brandeis University; Boston King’s Chapel; The Hellenic Cultural Center of Watertown, MA; The Center For The Arts in Natick, MA; The Amazing Arts Center in Framingham, the Massachusetts State House, the Zero Arrow Theater (A.R.T.) in Cambridge, MA, The Lowell Historical Park, The Lowell University  and elsewhere.

In Europe he very often gives concerts with Gospel& Spirituals and songs from the greater American Songbook (Jazz, Folk & Evergreens) with great success. Panayotis has had the chance to have appeared and to collaborate with great artists in more than 20 different nominations in churches and recitals featuring Gospel and Spirituals in several States. This taste of the US culture and transmission of Light and Hope of this music he wants to share with people all around the world. “Hymns And Spitituals”, “Across The Water”, “Some Enchanted Evening”, “It’s Me O Lord!” are the titles of some of the projects he has presented in Greece so far. Appearances in Greece include recitals in Herakleidon Museum-Experience in Visual Art, Pierce Theater, Eilissos-Pocket Theater, Athena Live, Café Alavastron, The Vouleftikon at Nafplion, Megaron Moussikis, Onassis Cultural Center among others.

In 2009 he was the lead singer in the Sound and Light project “Skyros- the island and its history”; a project with original music by Victor.

In June 2011 he presented two unique recitals with the American mezzo soprano Monifa Harris that took place in Athens and Nafplion, Greece, which blended arias, musical theater, spirituals with Greek Folk music. The recitals got acclaimed critics by the press and a warm response from the audiences.

In 2012 he released  an avant-Americana fusion EP  that combines folk, rock, rhythm and blues and country elements under the title “Free”; including his first published composition and three covers of songs by J.Denver, S.Cooke and T.Reznor. The album reached No.7 in i-Tunes new age charts in March of 2012 and still remains a major hit in digital streams.

Moreover he exclusively collaborated @XorosTexnisAsomaton in order to present three projects:

“It’s Me O Lord” (an Easter theme recital with byzantine hymns, German lieder, American art songs and spirituals); “Songs of Collective Memory” (a recital with songs of Mikis Theodorakis arranged by composer Tasos Karakatsanis-Theodorakis’ collaborator– especially for Panayotis’ voice); and “Black Swallow”.

“Black Swallow” (“Mauro Mou Chelidoni”) an ongoing project has been Panayotis’ long time research upon the Afro-American and native American culture as well of the Greek one. It combines folktales from both Greece and the US with traditional songs from both countries (mainly gospel and spirituals and Greek “demotika”) which blend thematically and harmonically. Evi Gerokosta, a story teller, is the main narrator. The project has been presented in various versions all over Greece. In the summer of 2014 Panayotis and Evi presented “Black Swallow” outdoors; in forests, by the sea, in outdoor venues on the islands of the Aegean.

In 2012-13 season Greek actor Christos Syriotis played his self-written monologue “Ti koitate,re?” (What are you looking at?) where Panayotis sang the main songs composed by Tasos Karakatsanis.

In 2013-14 he composed original music for Prova Theater production “Brainwash” by John Wainwright that premiered for the first time in Greece under the direction of Sotiris Tsogkas.

Moreover in January 2014 he participated as a bass soloist in “the Mauricio Kagel Open Day” of the Onassis Cultural Center of Athens (Stegi Grammaton kai Technon) singing and playing in an all-day- project with Kagel’s most distinctive plays under the tutoring and direction of musicologist Anargyros Deniosos.

In April 2014 he appeared in GazArte, one of the most prolific modern music venues of Technopolis, Athens and sang together with classical singers K.Paschou and M.Papalexiou a program named “From Opera to Byzantium” based on Easter themes from the classical and byzantine repertoire.

In June till August he toured with “Black Swallow” and after his tour he gave a personal recital (“A Voice Travels”) with songs in five languages (tangos, chansons, art songs, traditional) in Plakentias’ Megaron in Pendeli. This recital was a big success . On December 2nd he performed a recital with songs of M. Hadjidakis in “Parnassos” Auditorium in Athens with T. Kotepanos on the piano. More appearances followed in major theatrical stages of Athens.

In 2014-16 Offenbach’s “La Belle Helene”; a comic operetta in Greek under the direction of P. Adam (Olvio Wonderworld Theater production) which toured all over Greece and became an “alternative classical smash hit” as the press described it!  In 2015-16 more recitals and appearances followed in several venues and festivals.

In June 2016, a CD of the highly acclaimed composer and arranger Tasos Karakatsanis has been released where Panayotis sings new songs upon the poetry of Noni Stamatelou.

In 2016-17 season he held one of the lead roles in M. Grammatikaki’s and G. Peristeris’ play “The Beggar and the Golden Keyhole” – an Olvio Wonderworld production directed by Lena Georgiadou. This project has been released by Subways Music.

2018 : After touring this summer with his personal projects he participated as one of the lead singers in  Yiannis Markopoulos’ ” The Free Besieged” based on the poem by Dionysios Solomos; one of the most important works of greek music repertoire. (conducted by Theodoros Orfanidis).

2022 summer appearances were limited into two performances in Greece with “The Free Besieged” and a project of Tasos Karakatsanis in Ancient Messini. A new album of the composer followed where Panayotis participates with three songs. Moreover, Panayotis performed the famous poem of Edgar Allan Poe “The Raven” set into music by Dimitris Kogiannis (Mikros Iros Publications). “Unfulfilled Love Stories”, a very personal and unique project that included ballads and jazz tunes of greek composers was presented in December 2023 in Athens, accompanied by Alexandros Manatos.

2023 was a very fruitful year! Panayotis performed in several festivals in the Athens area presenting two unique projects that initiated new collaborations and a new music sound. A new album including Holiday tunes was released on December 6th (Good Tidings!).