Mia Kori Apo Tin Amorgo (A girl from Amorgos)
A traditional song from Karpathos,Greece performed in a new arrangement with additional music and vocals by Panayotis Terzakis.
Released 2018.
A wonderful poem by Yannis Ritsos, one of the most important Greek poets, has been set into music by the young composer Yannis Mygdanis. Panayotis interprets this unique work that got critical acclaim in Greece.

FREE 2012

Αn Avant-Americana fusion EP with stunning vocals, including three American classics of John Denver, Sam Cooke and Trent Reznor in new, outstanding interpretations for the first time by a Greek singer & his exceptional team.


“…This recording (“Far Away Land”) is full of high quality aesthetic moments and deep emotions. The voice of Panayotis Terzakis especially with its “pianissimo” and “fortissimo” takes you to a different world…this work is so touching and heartbreaking that you cannot even rate it…..I would recommend: “Just say nothing and listen!” 
G. Laimou, 2010


Music: Tasos Karakatsanis’ upon the poetry of Noni Stamatelou.

Panayotis sings three original songs.